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Plopsaqua Water Park Review (De Panne)

On Saturday 31st December 2022, the Theme Park Jam team visited Plopsaqua for the first time. Keep reading to find out more about Plopsaqua and what the Theme Park Jam teams thoughts were on this water park.

What is Plopsaqua De Panne?

Plopsaqua De Panne is a water park that is located next door to Plopsaland De Panne. The water park requires a separate admission ticket and features three main slides, indoor and outdoor pools and a sauna.

Plopsaqua De Panne Facilities

Outside of the water slides, Plopsaqua De Panne features:

  • Inside swimming pool
  • Outside swimming pool
  • An impressive wave pool with lighting and water effects
  • Wild River Rapids
  • Jacuzzi
  • A water play house
  • Toddlers area
  • Sauna

The water park is highly themed to one of the Plopsa character called Wicki. This character is a viking and Plopsa does a great job incorporating this theme into the water park.

An example of this is the water parks wave pool as it features a show sequence which replicates a storm taking place at sea through the use of impressive lighting and water effects.

This show sequence happens at certain times throughout the day. It consists of strobe lighting effects which light up the wave pool while the waves start. As this is happening, water also sprinkles down from the ceiling which creates a stormy atmosphere.

In addition to this impressive wave pool, the water park also has a Wild River Rapids. Guests are swept down these rapids through the power of the water. The rapids have two routes which adds to their craziness as guests can pick which way they want to go.

Plopsaqua Slide

Plopsaqua have three main slides, a racing slide and then some smaller slides. The racing slide is good fun but most of the attention is on the bigger slides which are:

  • Disco slide
  • Sliding tires
  • Sky Drop

Disco slide is the least thrilling out of all of these slides with it being aimed at a younger audience. The slide has a cool feature where guests can pick their own sound track as they glide down the slide.

Sliding tires is the next step up and is a fun ring slide featuring some high speed turns. This slide was really fun and surprised us.

Sky Drop is the water parks thrill slide. This slide is a trap door slide and features a twenty meter drop. It took a bit of building up to this slide but James gave it a go and concluded that it was terrifying.

Footage of Sky Drop at Plopsaqua De Panne from the YouTube channel TUBERIDES.

Thoughts on Plopsaqua De Panne

Plopsaqua De Panne is a great water park and one that the Theme Park Jam team would definitely visit again. This being said, it is worth pointing out that the team found this water park small and guests may struggle to spend a few hours there. On our visit, it was relatively quiet and the team spent two hours at Plopsaqua.

The water park could definitely benefit from a few more bigger slides however the overall facilities were great and we cannot complain.

The highlight for us was the impressive wave pool with the storm show sequence and the rapid ride. Overall, the Theme Park Jam team would recommend visiting Plopsaqua De Panne if you are visiting Plopsaland De Panne.


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